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Downloads & Forms


Animal Bite Cover Page  

BLS Academic Policies and Procedures Manual

Town Animal Control Officers   ALS Academic Policies and Procedures Manual
Public Health Form Bite Complaints   Suffolk County EMS BLS Policies
Animal Bite Registry Form  

Suffolk County Preceptor List

Endotracheal Intubation QI Form  

ALS Team Leader

RMA worksheet and release           

ALS Student Rotation Time Sheet

Emergency Medical Dispatch Intake Form  

NYS Written Exam Scheduling Request Form

CPAP Audit Form   EMT-Basic Ambulance & Hospital Time Clinical Form
EMT's as Mandated Child Abuse Reporters  

Suffolk County EMS Division EMS 1 and 2 Form

Child Abuse Form


NYS Verification Form

Elderly Abuse and Additional Resources    
DNR/MOLST 11-02 NYS Policy Statement    Community Resource List - Substance Abuse
2011 MOLST Form                                                     Community Resource List Memo  



 CME Program Information

 NYS Bureau of EMS CME Registration Form  Suffolk County CME Class Form
 NYS BLS Tracking Form (DOH-5065 6/12)  EMT-Basic Skills Sheets
 Supplemental Form (DOH-5064 6/12)  
 NYS CC Tracking Form   EMT-Critical Care Skills Sheets
 NYS Paramedic Tracking Form  
 CME Information Packet  
 Non Core Categories Breakdown NYS FAQs for the National Standards










BLS Narcan and Blood Glucometry Information


The links listed below contain all necessary information to initiate inhalation narcan and blood glucometry by BLS providers.  Details are provided in the Narcan/Blood Glucometry Letter which outlines the responsibilities of agency leadership, training officers, service medical directors, CFRs, and EMT-Bs.  


Narcan/Blood Glucometry Letter


Notice of Affirmation for Compliance


NYS Policy Statement


CFR/EMT Protocol


BLS Drug Information Sheet - Narcan


Glucometry Powerpoint


Skills Affirmation - Glucometry


Online Narcan Video


Skills Affirmation - Narcan


Inhalation Narcan Post Report Form


Agency Training Attendance Sheet


Individual Affirmation of Training Form


BLS Agencies Only - CLIA Form


BLS Narcan FAQs




Training Officers are required to fax completed copies of the attendance sheet to 631-852-5028.  Records must be submitted within ten (10) business day from date of class.  If you have materials you would like to share please email them to or call at 631-852-4409.

Agency Attendance Sheet

NYS/Suffolk County Region - Trauma Triage Protocol


Active Shooter Class Powerpoint


 Preparatory Updated 10/07  

Safety - You Could Get Hurt Without It!

Personal Safety Awareness for EMS Personnel

Safety check list drill

Duty and Responsiblity To Act Safe

Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher Training How is Your Public Image?
Bloodborne Pathogen Pre-test  
Bloodborne Pathogen Post-test  
 Operational Training  
 Emergency Response Guide Book  Hazardous Material Operations Refresher Training
 SMART Triage Review  









Pamela Kostic, RN, BA, CCCC, Chest Pain Coordinator, Stony Brook Heart Institute, has graciously donated the following presentation on Heart Disease to be used by our Fire/EMS agencies.


Heart Disease Powerpoint





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