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Employment Opportunites

Amityville Fire Department - Paramedics

Brentwood Legion Ambulance - EMTs and Paramedics

Brentwood Legion Ambulance - Dispatchers

CI-Hauppauge Ambulance - Operations Manager

Copiague Fire District - Paramedics

East Brentwood Fire District - ALS Providers

Emergency Ambulance Service (EAS) - EMT-Basics

Exchange Ambulance of the Islips - EMTs

Gordon Heights Fire District - Critical Cares

Farmingville Fire District - Paramedics

Holbrook Fire District - Paramedics

Hunter EMS - EMTs and Paramedics

Hunter EMS - Dispatchers

Medford Ambulance - ALS Providers

Montauk Fire District - ALS Providers

North Amityville Fire Company - Basics and Critical Cares

Plum Island - Paramedics

Riverhead Ambulance - Accounts Receivable Representative 

Ronkonkoma Fire District - Basic, Critical Cares and Paramedics

Sag Harbor Ambulance - ALS Providers

Senior Care EMS - Basics and Paramedics

Sound Beach Fire District - Building Maintenance Person

Southampton Volunteer Ambulance - ALS Providers 

Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance - Paramedics

Wyandanch-Wheatley Heights Ambulance - ALS Providers










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