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Continuing Medical Education

FEMA Links

ICS 100

ICS 700

HazMat Awareness

ICS 200 - Paramedics Only

National Fire Academy ICS for the Fire Service = ICS 100

Firefighter I 2003 - Present = HazMat Awareness

Free CME Credits from Bound Tree      Please click on the link/title.

Free CME Credits from American CME   Please click on the link/title.


The Suffolk County Fire Academy is now offering an online hazmat refresher course. This course provides training to review and refresh the competencies covered in OSHA 1910.120 for First Responder Awareness and Operations Level Responders.

Click the following link to the course.



Suffolk County EMS Division "No Show/No Call" Policy for Providers who sign up for CME classes and then do not attend -

In January 2010, the Suffolk County Division of EMS instituted a policy that would flag providers that are “no call/no show” for CME classes. Those providers will receive a written warning for the first offense. Their name will be entered into a database. The second offense they will then be mandated to send a check to reserve a seat for any CME class they would like to attend. Once the provider shows up for the class, their check will be returned.  If a provider cancels by calling 631-852-5080, they will also receive their check back. The only time the Division will deposit the check will be in the case of “no call/no show.” The cost of each CME credit will be $10 a credit, which is one (1) hour. Example: If the CME class is three (3) hours long that would equal three (3) credits which would require a $30 check.


2013 CME Powerpoint




The Suffolk County EMS Division serves as an affiliate to each agency that is registered with the New York State Bureau of EMS (NYS-BEMS) CME Program. The Division (as an affiliate of the agency) requires that all registered CME participants submit all completed CME paperwork to the Suffolk County EMS Division IN PERSON no later than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of their certification. This allows the Division several days to review the CME packet prior to submitting it to the NYS-BEMS by their forty-five (45) day rule. The mandatory fifteen (15) day lead time gives the Suffolk County EMS Division the opportunity to address any problems that may arise with the participant’s CME paperwork prior to submitting it to the NYS-BEMS. CME participants MUST call the Division at 631-852-5080 to make an appointment to go over their paperwork. NO WALK-INS ALLOWED!!!!

The CME Recertification Program has been identified as an important element in the retention of trained volunteer EMS providers. The Suffolk County EMS Division is committed to working with the response agencies in our County to assure that the CME Program is available, beneficial and responsive to the needs of the agencies and the individuals who provide prehospital emergency medical care. Working together, we can make the CME Program an interesting, informative and an effective way to assure that our response personnel have the knowledge and skills necessary to provide appropriate prehospital emergency medical care.

A New York State Department of Health approved CME-based Recertification Program is available at the EMT-B, EMT-CC and EMT-P levels for members of EMS response agencies in Suffolk County. The program allows qualified personnel, who are in continuous practice and who demonstrate competency, to renew their certification without having to take the State’s traditional final practical skill and written examinations. Specific requirements for each of the recertification programs can be obtained by contacting the Suffolk County EMS Division’s Bureau of Education and Training (631-852-4776).  Please review the CME Participant's information packet which further describes the paperwork processing requirements for the program by clicking here. To determine if you are registered in the CME Program, please click here. YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR EACH CLASS/COURSE BY CALLING 631-852-5080.

The Suffolk County EMS Division is pleased to announce additional options for all CME registrants who need to meet their requirements for Core and Non Core.

Recently, the Suffolk County EMS Division has entered into contract with to provide web based CME credit hours. In order to be eligible to participate in the program, each CME participant must be affiliated with an agency that is contracted with the Suffolk County EMS Division to provide CME.

If you are interested, please send an email to Please include the following information: name; agency; expiration date; the amount of CME credits that you have (Core); and what you are requesting.


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