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Published Thursday, September 6, 2018
by Robert Delagi, Director, EMS and PHEP





As we are seeing schools in our communities re-open for the school year, please take this opportunity to review some key safety elements with your providers. School busses are back on the road – remember that those responding in personal vehicles with blue or green courtesy lights or in ambulances or EASVs with red / while lights and sirens must yield to a stopped school bus until allowed to proceed by the bus driver. Remember that the roads will be filled with our youth walking, on bikes, skateboards, and other means of transportation to bus stops or to schools. Remember to observe speed limits always, and particularly in school zones.  When responding to motor vehicle crashes involving school busses, remember that the school district personnel, and during transport, the bus company officials, are the legal guardians for children when their parents are not present, per NY State Education law. Some schools have opened campuses, resulting in an increase in foot traffic in the area during lunch hours. Suffolk County EMS Guidelines can be found by CLICKING HERE. NY State EMS Policy Statement for School Bus Incidents can be found at


Climate changes – as the fall weather changes come upon us and leaves begin to fall, be aware of wet, slippery road conditions, and decreased visibility from rain and foggy windshields.


Sports Injuries and stand-by details – please take this time to review protocols for care of the injured athlete and also consider medical ailments that may be exacerbated by exercise, or caused by exposure to environmental triggers encountered on the fields.  Review procedures for transition from athletic trainer to ambulance personnel. It’s not about “who is in charge” it’s about transition care from providers with different skill sets. NY State EMS Policy Statement can be found at


Random acts of violence / active shooter / evacuation scenarios – This cannot be ignored.  Always be vigilant, ensure scene safety, and work with law enforcement officials under a Unified Command Structure if confronted with this type of response, in accordance with SOPs developed and presented across the county by Suffolk County EMS, Suffolk County Police Department and Suffolk County FRES.  

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