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Published Tuesday, November 26, 2019
by Nathaniel Bialek, Director, EMS and PHEP



This is a follow-up to the September 15th, 2019 announcement that the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Systems NYS-DOH, BEMS), has released the 2019 BLS Protocol Update.

There are two (2) separate requirements that must be fulfilled:

The first is the State and agency based requirements that are due by December 31, 2019:
State Requirement:

  1. Each provider at every level (CFR, EMT, AEMT, EMT-CC, and EMT-P) must complete the NYS BLS update. This can be found at NYS-DOH, BEMS Learning Management System (LMS) Vital Signs Academy The website is;
  2. Instructions to sign up and navigate the Learning Management System are located at
  3. This will be 1.5 hours of online training and you will receive Non-Core CME credit in the Preparatory category.

Agency Based Regional skills Requirement:

  1. All ALS and BLS (CFR, Basic, AEMT, Critical Care and Paramedics) providers are expected to participate in an agency-based skills verification, with attestation of completion by agency leadership in consultation with the Agency Medical Director.
  2. This will be approved for hour-for-hour, Non-Core CME, as per the NYS DOH-BEMS
  3. The Skills video, verification form and skill sheets can be found at:
    This will meet the NYS and Suffolk REMAC regional requirements for a provider to continue to practice.

The second is the Regional Credentialing Requirement that is due by March 31, 2020:

  1. All Suffolk County BLS Providers (CFR & EMT-B) are required to complete an on-line training curriculum and BLS Credentialing Course which will encompass region-specific policies.
  2. This will be an additional 1.5 hours of online training for CFR/EMR and 1 hour of online training for EMTs for which a provider will receive Non-Core CME credit in the Preparatory category.
  3. This will meet the Suffolk REMAC regional credentialing requirement.
  4. Once 90% or more of an agency’s providers have completed the 2019 NYS Update, agency leadership can
    request their agency-specific code for both CFRs and EMTs.
  5. The Regional Credentialing Requirement must be completed by March 31, 2020.

As per Suffolk REMAC, Suffolk County agencies cannot utilize the new 2019 BLS protocols until January 1, 2020.

On January 1, 2020, any provider that has not completed the NYS 2019 BLS Protocol Update and the agency based skills verification, will no longer be able to practice within the region until such time as the NYS on-line update and agency based skills verification are complete. EMS agencies shall establish a training record to verify training, and that record shall be maintained in the agency personnel file of each provider.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need to request your regional credentialing codes, please feel free to contact the Suffolk County EMS Division office at (631) 852-5080 or email questions to: or

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